These are very uncertain times that we are living in and you were in the middle of planning the best wedding Ever!  Then came Covid-19 and Lock-down.  We do Not know when we are going to get “let out” again, and when that does happen, we may still have regulations with regards to the gathering of groups of people, which is a major problem for any Wedding.


Well – this much you Do know – Love wasn’t Cancelled.  You keep following every post on social media and the news and keep hoping.  Your spirits are dwindling, because you are being bombarded with one bad news clip after another.  You are at your wits-end and a nervous wreck – What To Do ! ! ! ? ? ?


The whole Events & Hospitality Industry has been hit extremely hard with everything that has happened.  We ourselves do not always know whether to proceed, to keep on hoping, to look for other alternatives, etc.


There are a few people out there that have decided Not to Cancel their Wedding dates.  Come hell or high water – we are getting Married!  Just remember to base your decision on what is best for you.  This will also be determined by deposits or full payments already made to suppliers – but more about that a bit later.  First some inspirational stories that we came across :



  • Couple No. 1

Wedding was planned.  Suppliers paid. Date – week of Lock-Down.

This couple decided that for the safety of themselves and everyone that they treasure and love, to change their wedding plans.  They decided to get creative.  They still wanted their friends and family to be part of their special day, but from a distance.  They chose to host a virtual wedding and live-streamed through Facebook and YouTube.  With the original amount of guests being 120, more than 700 of their friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances were able to share that special day with them.

The caterers postponed their order to some date in the future, when they can have their family and friends together for that special meal.

The photographer will join them again on that day for family photos.  Couple photos were done successfully.

The florist supplied a single bouquet for the special day, and will supply more simplified arrangements for the day that everyone can get together, as she will have to change the kinds of flowers to whatever will be available, and because she would have to travel twice.

So even though it was all digital, everyone could engage and share comments throughout.  These are now captured forever in the cloud.  What a Great Idea it was !


  • Couple No. 2

To this couple the Specific Date of their Wedding was extremely significant.  They decided to proceed with their Marital Officer and get married on the specific day.  All other arrangements were postponed to a later date when the venue will be available.  The wedding party consisted of The Pastor, The Couple, The Photographer, Best Man (also witness), Brides Maid (also witness).  The Florist dropped off a bouquet of flowers that morning and the Caterers prepared a special meal for the 6-person wedding party.  All within the rules of lock-down of course.

Some friends decided later on during the day to have a drive-by and congratulate the couple on their wedding with hooters blaring through the neighbourhood.  Neighbours came out onto their sidewalks and clapped their support to newly married couple.


Now sometimes it is really difficult for any bride to let go of all those special plans dreamt of since you were small and all the fairy-tale notions of what it is supposed to be like, but once you get past all of that and realise that it is more about the marriage and the relationship, you will come to a point to make a calculated decision. Rather cling to each other in the middle of this storm (worldwide pandemic).  Get a fresh perspective on what is truly important and make that the base of your decision.



Cancellation is Definitely Not an Option ! ! !   Yes, we understand that there is a possibility that gatherings of more that 50 people at any give time, might Only be permitted during the first quarter of 2021 and that seems like Forever from now, but hey – rather Late than Never, won’t you say?

Nobody cancels their wedding day because of a Virus !  You have options – Elope, Intimate wedding for only 2, Virtual Wedding, Home-Based wedding with the party planned for some date in the future – these All come down to the same thing…    

Don’t Cancel the Dream – just Change the Date.


Postponement in steps ….

  1. Take a deep breath.  You are not the only person in this situation.  This virus is bigger than your Wedding and we are all facing the consequences.  We are here to help and support you.

  2. We suggest you plan for 2021 onwards.  Especially if you plan to have more that 10 people at your wedding and if you want to serve alcohol.  The last quarter of 2020 might be considered for functions with a maximum of 50 people, but remember to count in the catering staff, the hosting staff, function co-ordinators, photographers, etc.

  3. If certain suppliers, venue etc has already been booked and deposits have been paid – check fine print on contracts.  Read your contracts properly.

  4. Contact the various companies and confirm that a postponement of your function will be in order with them, or whether they would rather refund your deposit.

  5. Please take into consideration that every venue would normally have 2 functions max per weekend.  If all functions of 2020 has been postponed to 2021, the calendar will be getting full, rather quickly.  Consider having your function on a week day or change your outfit a bit and have it in Winter – but discuss this matter with all you suppliers first, before deciding.

  6. Come up with at least 5 Dates that you would consider and put them down in order of preference.

  7. Remember that a lot of the vendors you are making use of are Small / Micro Businesses, whom were all affected severely with the lock-down as well.  Some of them might have been forced to close their doors.  Try and make arrangements according to requirements.

  8. If you did not have a Wedding Planner in the first place – consider appointing someone to sort out all the legists for you and to assist with the necessary arrangements of the postponement.

  9. Inform your guests. Remember that once a decision has been made – stick to it and keep the communication lines open.  The postponement could also lead to the fact that not everyone will be able to attend the day.  Remember – you can only control So much!

  10. Check in with your Partner!  We know this is all horrible and such an inconvenience, but don’t take it out on the wrong people (those closest and dearest).  Enjoy the extra time you have to plan your Special Day.

  11. Stop delaying – get cracking Today still !  Get out of that slump and start planning.

  12. Please take into consideration that due to all of this upset – flowers are going to be a problem.  We all saw the posts of the thousands and thousands of flowers just being thrown away.  Ask your florist for the best advice according to your budget.

  13. We are all unsure about what the future holds, so please discuss with all your vendors their Standard Operating Procedures with regards to Health and Safety.  Until such time that immunization has become available, we will have to follow all the necessary prevention measures in order to prevent the spread of this or any other Virus for that matter.



Get Up, Dress Up, and let’s get cracking on this Wedding !


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